Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going Dark For a While

Speedy Running Friends, I've realized that my stumbling efforts to progress beyond 7 miles are not making very scintillating reading.

What's more, I'm pretty frantic right now trying to get my head around all the various aspects of starting a new business, so both the training and the blogging about it are taking a bit of a back seat.

In my defense, this blog was only really supposed to be a 7-month intrepid tale of a first-time marathoner. However, knees and life sort of got in the way (funny, that), and 16 months later, I admit that the most I'll ever manage may be 26 miles in one week. So, this blog is going dark for a while as I trot around our neighborhood slowly, regularly and without news-worthy speed or drama.

Rest assured, I haven't quite given up on my marathon yet, and I'm taking Asha's recommendation of reading Chi Running seriously, to see if that brings me some benefit. In any case, I'm sufficiently hooked on running to want to keep doing it and I'm greatly consoled that my favorite race route, across the Golden Gate Bridge, is a very manageable 12k. My worst-case scenario is still one of the most beautiful runs in the world and I'm grateful to have two legs, no matter how wonky, to carry me.

Naturally, if I do run stagger through the Napa Marathon, you'll be hearing about it. Otherwise, if you happen to pass me on the much shorter route from Sausalito to San Francisco, I hope you'll give me a friendly wave.

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