Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Years Resolutions (Yes, in September)

Suffice to say, reading a post about how half-hearted I've been recently in my running efforts will be boring for you. Heck, it's pretty boring for me to read my own repeated excuses. So let's not go there. If you care about my floundering efforts to juggle priorities, you can get more of that here.

Instead, let's focus on the future. This time of year feels even more like New Year to me than January, probably because of the new crispness in the air and all the back-to-school marketing in the media. Oh yes, and because I work at a university where 1600 newbies just arrived :)

I'm older and wiser than I was this time last year, because I recognize a marathon may not actually be within my grasp, and because I now see that signing both myself and my husband up (without asking him) was a tad foolish. However, there's no point crying over spilled milk.

Here's the plan:
  • I have just under 6 months to train, to get from 6 miles to 26. Should be perfectly do-able, and if I can manage 20 in training, I'll gamble on the rest.
  • Knee-strengthening exercises have now been promoted to the importance of "don't go to bed until they're done".
  • My goal is simply to complete the course on feet, hands, or elbows, in under 6 hours (the cut-off time). Speed is now irrelevant!
  • I will run 3 times per week and do a strength workout twice. Turning the alarm clock off is no longer an option, no matter how dark it is outside.
Last weekend, hubby and I ran together for the first time in ages (he's battling knee pain too) and it was great to be back trotting beside my soul mate. We were also rewarded by spotting a seal lounging around on a rock, which is a rare thing in our neighborhood.

I'm taking that as a good omen, and a timely reminder of the pleasures of running.

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