Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seal sighting

After almost two weeks without running, I was glad to find my legs still working yesterday. They weren't working very fast or very willingly, but that's OK, I've figured out that dental work puts a dent in my overall energy levels and I can get back up to speed gradually.

The highlight of our outing was the sighting of a harbor seal in the water a couple of miles from home - certainly not unheard of, but the first time I've seen one in our zip code. Needless to say the run came to a grinding halt in order to watch the seal for a few minutes.

According to Wikipedia, adult seals can grow to just over 6 feet and weigh 290 lbs. Females outlive males (30–35 years versus 20–25 years). They stick to familiar resting spots, generally rocky areas where land predators can't reach them, near a steady supply of fish to eat.

I suspect this one was a little outside his or her usual territory, but if they want to move into this neighborhood, that's just fine with me.

Photo thanks: Silvia Cosimini

1 comment:

  1. It must have been very exciting. I've never seen a seal running in the wild :)


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