Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wow, that felt great!

Considering how unfit I've felt in the last couple of weeks, today's half marathon went staggeringly well.

(Can you see me on the right, in the yellow? Kidding.)

We had close to ideal weather and Beloved Husband was a wonderfully supportive wing-man, never letting on that he was bored with this gentle trot!

Hats off to the race organizers for plenty of toilets, oodles of volunteers, and well-enforced starting corrals. It was a pleasant, if undramatic, course around the neighborhoods of San Jose, with lots of support from local residents (thank you, San Jose-ans!) and the promised rock bands every mile.

We enjoyed seeing and applauding the leaders from the other side of the road (they were somewhere around mile 12 and we had yet to reach 6!) but then got a huge boost when we were at the same point and encountered the resolute walkers going the other way.

My chip time was 2:08:51, which gave a big yah-boo-sucks to my previous (February 2008) equivalent of 2:20:ish (gun-timed, foul weather). And I was thrilled that my overall pace was under 1o minutes per mile.

Age: 37 Gender: F
DistanceHALF MAR
Clock Time2:11:41
Chip Time2:08:51
Overall Place4110 / 9892
Gender Place1516 / 5599
Division Place300 / 993
Age Grade52.2%
5 Km31:41
10 Km1:02:57
10 Mi1:40:32

If you're good with numbers, you'll notice I sped up as the race progressed. :) Per Beloved Husband's advice, I took it easy until half way, sped up a little between miles 7-11, and then got a serious wiggle on for the last 2 miles.

I'm also sending warm thoughts and hopes to the guy receiving heart massage from the paramedics, right before the finish line. Sincerely hope he is OK and that he'll complete his last tenth of a mile, another day.

Photo thanks: San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon


  1. That is truly awesome that you were able to complete a half marathon AND blow away your record from your previous race. :) Congratulations!

    I'm not sure I'll ever get up to half marathon pace, but I'd love to be able to comfortably complete 10k runs.

    It did feel great to work out today! You're right, except that right now, for me the hardest part is physically getting to the gym. With my last job, the gym was a 15 minute express bus ride away. Now it's a long 45 minute ride there, then 45 minute ride home - and the bus schedules don't line up as well with my work schedules & the fitness class offered. I'm trying to figure out a solution, though.

  2. Kari, you're so kind to comment, thank you.
    I hope you can find a solution to your own fitness schedule; slotting it easily into your day is a huge part of the battle!

  3. I'm very impressed! I don't think I'd manage to complete even quarter marathon so well done. Hope you're feeling ok.

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