Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Humility Ball

Today was a little bit tough as Beloved Husband went out for a long run in the California sunshine, without me. Fair enough, really - even if I manage to negotiate a deferral of my March marathon entry, he may still be on the hook to jog 26 miles through wine country.

I consoled myself by playing with one of my Christmas gifts, a GoFit Stability Ball. At least, I think that's what they call it; in reality, humility ball would be more accurate as there's nothing like rolling around on the floor with a bouncy purple thing for half an hour to remind you what terrible shape your abs are in.

My twice-weekly Body Sculpt class restarts on Tuesday and I'm hoping that by making a token effort today, I'll be in slightly less agony on Wednesday morning. But if not, never mind - what else is January for?

Photo thanks: GoFit


  1. I am horrible at the stability ball!

  2. I love using a stability ball. For squats that don't hurt your knees, put a stability ball between your back and a wall. As you squat the ball will roll down a wall. I do it one-legged.

  3. Struggler I'm sorry to hear you won't make the Napa Marathon this time, I know you will do it soon though. I use a stability ball as I have no stomach muscles at all. Good luck with your BS classes, I am back at the gym tomorrow, your right about January!. Kathy.

  4. Sadly, I have weights, videos, steps, a resistance band, and a tramp, all neglected and taking up space. I'm launching myself on this ladder in hopes of improving upper body strength.


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