Monday, January 25, 2010

Good News from Napa

Today I owe a big thank you to the kind folks at the Napa Valley Marathon who have deferred the race registrations for both my husband and me until 2011. Hopefully now, with 13 months to get ready, I'll be able to sweet-talk my knee into playing nicely and joining in the party spirit. I did feel pretty guilty as hubby was out for a 24 mile run (in the rain) when the email came through to confirm our deferrals. Happily he doesn't seem to be holding a grudge but I suspect his distances will ease off a bit now that we know he doesn't have to run.

I'm now about half way through my self-imposed running break and am eagerly awaiting the day when I can start trotting gently again. It feels like a good moment to reflect on what this episode has taught me:
  • Don't sign up for an event until you're fairly sure you have the necessary fitness level.
  • Especially don't sign your husband up without asking him :)
  • Keep a running diary (whether old-tech or hi-tech) and pay attention to any niggling pains.
  • There's a good reason they tell you not to increase your distance more than about 10% per week.
  • It's probably better to slightly under-train than slightly over-train. Or, as Asha wisely commented here, sometimes getting to the start line is the hardest part.
  • There's always someone out there with a more severe injury than you.
  • Sometimes, all the work in the world just isn't destined to give results.
The good news about this running break is that I've noticed I have heaps of energy on Saturdays and have been packing a lot more into the weekend compared to my previous run-eat-nap routine. I'm pleased that a few household projects have finally seen some progress - but that's a whole other blog!

Photo thanks: Samuel Ducroquet


  1. 1. Thanks for the shout-out
    2. I'm glad you got your money back
    3. Now, I might have to do Napa next year too so I can toast you with a glass of pinot at the finish!

  2. So glad you were able to defer. I think you made a smart move by giving your knee time to heal. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for you, too.

  3. Asha, you're way too kind. I'll be cheering you on in spirit if not in person this year!


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