Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep drinking the pink stuff

I surprised myself by getting through a Body Sculpt class yesterday, albeit missing out some lunges and other knee-needy activities. It felt good to be doing something a little bit active and I might even have burned off a few dastardly calories. (I'm convinced that, if my knee does get better, I'm going to be lugging some extra pounds with me.)

This week has turned unusually cold for northern California and there is no way I'm going near a swimming pool until it gets milder again. However, hopes are currently high that I might be able to trot a bit by the weekend. I won't dwell too much on the plan on my fridge door that says 20 miles, long slow distance - I'll just settle for any mileage at this point, before my feet forget how to do it altogether.

Meanwhile, I came across a free sample of a drink called Elations. Yes, I know, very strange name, but apparently it contains supplements Glucosamine and Chondroitin that are supposed to "improve joint comfort in just 6 days". Oh yeah, and they have a photo of men in running shorts on their web site. Given my total knee-obsession right now, I gleefully seized it to give it a try. It tastes OK: not fabulous, but not awful, and if there's even a slight chance it might help me, then frankly I'm happy to hand over the credit card. Desperate? Yup, just a bit.

Photo thanks: Elations


  1. It's bloody freezing here lol. That pink stuff looks lovely but isnt it full of sugar?. hope it helps though. Kathy.

  2. Bless you, it is so disappointing to get an injury at a critical time. Mind, 13 weeks is quite a long time so not maybe time to give up completely. Can you cycle? I've read that there is much to be said for the cross training effects of cycling. Better than swimming as it uses legs where swimming uses more upper body.

    I posted before on here but I couldn't find it later, so if I'm repeating myself, forgive me. I've done a 6 hour marathon and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I liked. After that experience I decided that if I wasn't certain of less than 5 hours I wouldn't go there and, actually, I tell people if they can't reliably do a half in under 2 hours it just isn't worth going for the marathon yet.

    Just remember that speed is for your youth (and you have already dropped a minute per mile, which is great); in my book 37 is still quite young. You have time to save the endurance for your older years. I just started running at 40 and I know loads of people still running and racing in their 60s, one woman in her 70s (who did all her PBs in her 50s and has a guaranteed good-for-your-age entry to the London Marathon) and one man in his 80s.

    End of lecture. You're ahead of some stupid percentage of people just by trying to be fit at all. Well done you!

  3. Well, Kathy, the pink stuff I'm sure is full of all kinds of dodgy substances, but at 30 calories per (mini) bottle I guess it's not actual sugar.

    Shelley, your wisdom and encouragement are so welcome. I'm flattered that you think I'm young enough to be speedy - I feel neither right now!


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