Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still some gas in the tank

Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement regarding whether to listen to my wimp of a body or whether to just keep on runnin'. After discussing the matter with Chief Coach (aka Beloved Husband), we decided that since I wasn't feeling absolutely horrible, I should do just a quick trot on Friday morning.

That was accomplished and we then headed out for 9 miles 'at pace' today. The idea of a pace run is that you figure out your hoped for pace to do the whole 26 miles, and get used to running at that speed. Having pondered the topic and used a few online calculators, I'm hoping somewhere around the 10 mins 30 per mile mark is about right.

Happily, that felt great, and I was feeling strong enough that we sped up for the last bit. Granted, that got harder, but was still very do-able, and my last couple of miles were just over and then just under 9 minute miles.

There was definitely still some gas in the tank when I finished - maybe all that gruesome speed work is actually helping? :)

Photo thanks: Juliane Riedl


  1. Wow! I'm so impressed by your running ability. I'm not a runner but rather a really slow jogger. After I lost my 150 pounds learning to run was a reward for myself.

    Congratulations on all you do!!

  2. WOW! That would be wonderful! Although I hate speed work when I am doing it, it does pay off in the end :-)


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