Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Let's start with the positive: I'm pretty happy with how the training is going and my knees have been playing nicely. I found a marathon training plan which starts at 16 weeks and since that's the time I have left, I should be in good shape.

... But I'm feeling awfully tired. So far this week, I've done:
  • Monday: 7 miles, pace
  • Tuesday: Body Sculpt class
  • Wednesday: 5 miles, speedwork
  • Thursday: Body Sculpt class
In theory, tomorrow holds a very short, easy run, followed by pace on Saturday, and a short recovery run on Sunday. Typing this out makes me see why maybe I'm feeling tired! I've also been trying to eat a bit better and my body is perhaps missing all the sugar and junky bits it previously 'enjoyed'.

So, the big question is, do I listen to the fatigue, and take a rest day, or do I gamble on the running junkie endorphins pulling me through?

Photo thanks: Nadia Jasmine


  1. Oh my I do love this blog! My life goal is to run a marathon..really. How satisfying it would be. I'm sorry to read in the past posts about your knee, hopefully it's nothing serious. Please give tips on how you maintain and how to get started. Right now I'm only getting 1 mile per 14 minutes :o(

  2. Alas, I'm the last person competent to give advice on marathon training. All I could suggest is that you keep listening to your body--give it a try if you don't feel too crappy, but if it's clearly not happening, abort and go easy!

  3. I'm no expert, but I'm a firm believer in listening to your body. (just make sure its telling the mind tells me no sometimes when body says go)

  4. Thanks all, you're extremely kind to take an interest in the ploddings of someone who will only ever be in the middle of the pack.
    Adrianna, I will look for an email address for you. But, you'd be surprised, many, many people do 6 hour marathons and that's not actually much faster than a 14 minute mile. The trick is to do 26 of them at once :)
    Crabby, I'm just pleased you stopped by and you're right, listening is key. But Tricia has hit the nail on the head - my body is always saying 'rest' when all it really needs is a good kick up the behind!!


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