Monday, November 30, 2009


Sounds fancy, doesn't it? The less glamorous truth is that a very common condition known more widely as Runner's Knee has brought me to a grinding halt.

If you're unlucky to have found this page through a Google search, then try here, here, or if you really want to be depressed, here for more informed explanations. Otherwise, let's just say it:
  • Is one of the most common injuries among runners
  • Often strikes as runners approach forty miles per week for the first time
  • Affects twice as many women as men (yeah, we have wider hips, relative to our knees).
So on the physical side, I predict rest, ice, thigh-strengthening exercises and probably some anti-inflammatories will be top of mind for the next few days. Good job I still have some of those kick-ass pain killers from when I got my teeth done. :)

But more interesting, I think, will be the mental fight. What will Struggler do now? Will she just give up? Cry? Bitch and moan about how bloomin' unfair it is, when she was doing everything right and diligently following the plan? Or will she just quietly freak out about how on earth to get from 18 miles to 26.2, with 14 weeks and only one good leg?

We'll see.

Photo thanks: Colin Brough


  1. Ouch, sounds painfull, wishing you a speedy recovery. We (hubby and I) have started a sort of plan, I have already lost 25 pounds and can now walk very fast up the hill. Hubby goes running in the park and can now fit into his good suit (whoever called this Sunny California, has not run in the parks around here haha)in Nov. Well done to hubby on his marathon and kudos to you for yours in March, My hubby is thinking about it. Napa is so pretty this time of year. We miss London and tea but we are having a great time here. off to read some more, Kathy

  2. I'm glad you found me-- and I look forward to reading about how you make it to the marathon despite the runner's knee. You WILL get to the race and you will finish! It's OK to back off. If you already ran 18 miles, you're ahead of the game. I'm not set for that distance for another 4 or 5 weeks...maybe more. You may want to consider the Galloway Method that I talk about in the post called "The Waterfront" now that you're working with an injury. I think there's a link for it on my page. Good luck! I'll try to find some other methods for recovery.

  3. You will do it!! I know you can :-) If you can do a half marathon, then you can do a full marathon. I do not know from experience, but that is what I am telling myself. I am signed up for my first marathon in April :-)


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