Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Luck in Napa!

Just a quick shout-out for everyone heading for Napa this weekend, and I wish you the very best of luck, along with some cool, dry weather :)

This was the race I was supposed to be doing before my knee went nuts. To shorten the story that's even longer than the marathon, I'm registered for March 2011 so will be following in your footsteps then.

Meanwhile, warmest wishes for a safe and enjoyable race to Asha, Sheila, Brad, Jon, Chris, and about 2300 others!

Photo thanks: Indagare


  1. Good luck to all the racers this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. That's a gorgeous photo! Sorry about your knee, but good for you for persevering!

  3. That is such a serene and beautiful photo. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. But it is nice to see your not pushing yourself harder than you need to.

  4. Oh Napa is just gorgeous! I went for the first time last spring, just for a few days when I visited San Fran. Hope you have a great trip!


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