Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Real Soaking

This morning I reached a significant moment in my marathon training: it was the first time since starting all this nonsense(!) that I've had to haul myself out of bed in the dark in the pouring rain. And I do mean pouring.

I've been incredibly lucky up until now - living in California obviously helps, and I was resting my dodgy knee during some particularly smelly weather in January. But for much of last night I was dimly aware that my cheap will-this-thing-really-repel-water? jacket purchased at Target was about to get a serious road test.

In case you care, the jacket is my new best friend, but its owner has a thing or two to learn about running in the rain.

Notes to self, composed during the three wettest miles of my life:
  • Don't wear cheap running pants made of jersey, because your thighs will be soaking within the first half mile. That will creep down your legs and give your fragile right knee an excellent excuse to get cold and grumpy.
  • Your new headlamp is great but doesn't show puddles at all well. Or in some places, at all.
  • When avoiding said puddles by leaping off the path, try to make sure there are no low-hanging tree branches in the way.
  • ...I'm sure there was a fourth point, but the smack on the head from the afore-mentioned branch has made me temporarily forget it. I need to be more careful, else I might still be lying out there enjoying a more intimate acquaintance with the puddle I was dodging.
My pace, of course, was terrible, as I was trying to keep the GPS watch dry and was too busy cursing puddles and seeking alternate routes to pay any attention to speed. Ironically, as a result, I actually quite enjoyed the running part, but only because I knew I was just minutes away from a hot shower.

What tips and tricks do you have for running in the rain? Do you have wet-weather gear would you hate to be without?

Photo thanks: Super Coloring


  1. EEWW! That does not sound like a fun run! When I run in the rain I just go for fun and I do not bring anything with me :-)

  2. Kudos to you for getting out there and running. I would have rolled over and pulled up the covers!

  3. I have no tips at all! I'm a weakling, I agree w/ Tracey.

  4. No question about it: running builds character! I just remind myself that by the time I get soaked I should be warmed up and it's not bad after that. I remind myself of playing in the rain as a child (OK it was in daylight summer time and warm...). Hot showers are one of life's best rewards. Well done you!

  5. Be careful out there! I don't want you to run alone anymore... :(


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