Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheer up Sleepy Jean

After last week's euphoria, I was expecting this week's training runs to be more enjoyable than in fact they were.

On Monday morning I did intervals, aiming for 5 half miles at 8.5 minute pace, interspersed with half miles at 10.5 minute pace. I was over on the first two of those (my excuse is I couldn't see the watch in the darkness), but I dunno the real reason. Considering there are gazillions of runners who can easily do faster than an 8 minute mile, I feel pretty stodgy by comparison.

Today I did 5 miles at 10 minute pace, which was fine, but it felt a bit harder than I would have liked. Maybe the lack of pelican sighting was a factor. :)

I'm probably being a bit impatient in expecting sudden and dramatic improvements in my ability, which clearly are not going to materialize out of thin air.

Photo thanks: Leslie Collingridge

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  1. I just saw that you had started up this blog. That is awesome of you to attempt a marathon! How exciting.

    I can barely manage a 5 mile jog right now. My dad wants to get back into running, so I've committed to doing the Couch to 5k plan with him. There's a 5K in early October that I should be able to get myself into shape for. After that my goal is to work up to the 10K. Not sure whether I'd ever attempt more than that, though.


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