Sunday, July 25, 2010

Physio Guilt

Last weekend I was aiming to do about 9 miles, but only got as far as 7 when my nemesis-knee told me enough was enough. I could, therefore, write a post full of wailing disappointment, but the gruesome truth is I haven't been doing my physio exercises nearly enough, so I feel like I have only myself to blame.

You may wonder, if running is so enjoyable (it certainly is) and if doing just one full marathon in my life is so important to me (ditto), why have I been so negligent at spending just 10 minutes waving my leg around, a few times per week? Probably, I need my head looked at, as well as my knee, but we won't go there right now.

Perhaps I should add a gadget to the side of this blog so you can all nag me if I don't keep up with my exercises. Or is anyone else, apart from Asha, registered with DailyMile? I could log my knee-lifts there, if you promise to keep me honest.

How do you keep track of, and encourage yourself to stick to, the goals you set?

Cartoon thanks: Cerebral Vortex


  1. I'm currently working on the ladder

    I'm up to rung 7. I have put this on my list of things to do daily and I do it most days (not all) now. I don't run every day either, but I absolve any guilt about that by telling myself this ladder thing is also part of my fitness goals of strength and flexibility in my old age. I can do these exercises (minus the stepping) wearing whatever I have on (if I'm willing to put it on the floor) and they take less than 10 minutes. Given those factors, I have few excuses for not doing this daily. Can you do your exercises wearing any old thing (if no one was watching?); do they take more than 15 minutes? Try setting a timer and doing them for 10, which would be better than nothing. If you can get yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn for a run, I know you have it in you to do this 10 minutes or so on most days!

  2. Do your exercises today! (I'll also bug you via dailymile). Go do them!

  3. Daily mile!! I have not updated it in forever though "(

  4. If I knew how to track, encourage, and achieve my goals - life would be very different for me. I am generally just floundering trying to keep my head above water. :)


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