Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Joy of Blisters

I'm never particularly enthused by blog postings which start with an apology for the owner's absence. So let's just say skiing - knee - apathy - couch potato and you'll get the general idea.

When I first started Struggling to be Speedy, I anticipated a slow but stoic success story as I built my way from an 8-mile jog to a 26-mile epic. Much like any country that's ever declared war, I thought the whole thing would be over within 6 months and I could return, victorious, to a normal life. Instead, my naïve marathon plans became pathetically derailed at mile 18 and I've been struggling to maintain healthy lifestyle habits within my new limitations.

I never really 'marketed' this blog as I simply thought it would be fun to have a diary of my first and only marathon adventure. Frankly, I was surprised and more than a tad flattered that anyone at all would follow along with me. Hence, I owe you an update.

After 5 months of googling, pondering and expecting to wake up one day with a healthy knee, I finally went to the doctor last week. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, she didn't really know much about it (I had already figured out that ice and Advil might be good allies). However, she did refer me to physiotherapy, so I am enormously hopeful that someone there will be able to prescribe the correct exercises to get me back into training.

Meanwhile, figuring I might at least give them something to work with, I did a 5 mile trot yesterday without serious pain - or at least, not in my knee. The massive blister on my left foot definitely comes under the category of too much information, but suffice to say, I was delighted that my most serious affliction was from such an unsinister cause. It's a strange sport indeed where you find yourself thrilled just because it hurts somewhere new...

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  1. I hate blisters! Never can leave the silly things alone if they are naked. Hence we keep Compeed brand (or the generic) blister protection in our medicine cabinet along with the ibuprofen ointment and the bath salts (its so fun being a runner...). Compeeds are magic and they stay on through showers and all for quite a while. I often find the blister is healed by the time the rubbery thing comes off.
    BTW I don't figure you owe anyone any posts - you do this for yourself, don't you? Just don't disappear from the blogging scene all together - I've become accustomed to your 'voice'; you'd be missed.

  2. Oh can I relate! I keep thinking my knee pain will be over any day now. My knees have other thoughts on the matter. Doesn't recovery go soooo sloooow? Hang in there! And I hope your physio can help you figure out what's wrong.

  3. YAY for the blister!! It's pretty amazing how quickly they can return with so little time off. Good luck with the physiotherapist!


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