Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting itchy feet

Well, my house has never been cleaner and my piano has never been played more than in these last few weeks that I've been able to run :)

That is the positive part about being 'injured' - I have gained at least 4 hours per week, not to mention more energy on a Saturday afternoon through not hauling myself out of bed for a 15+ mile run in the morning.

However, even with these benefits, I can hardly wait to run again. So I've been amusing myself by looking for events I might be able to enter if my fitness level allows. If you're in California, will you be considering any of these?
  • March 21, Across the Bay (12km)
    I've done this race twice before and it's a wonderful route from Sausalito, across the Golden Gate Bridge and along the waterfront into San Francisco. But frankly, I only want to do it this year if I can give my previous time a good kicking, and I'm not sure I can get fit enough in 5 weeks (even if my knee behaves).

  • April 11, Santa Cruz (half marathon)
    This looks wonderfully scenic but I've heard it's hilly!

  • July 11, Los Gatos (half marathon)

  • July 25, San Francisco (half or full marathon)
    This is how it all started - Beloved Husband did this last year and frankly, made it look a bit too easy. Muggins here promptly signed up for Napa, and you know the rest. :)
    I won't be fit for 26 miles by this date, but I quite fancy the second half of the course. Last year, this race was timed so that in theory Beloved Husband could do the full 26 miles and I could join for the second half. That's a nice option to keep in mind if you and a friend have different running abilities.

  • October 3, San Jose Rock 'n' Roll (half marathon)
    We did this for the first time last year - it's a nice route and well-organized race, but this year I have a somewhat stretching goal of getting 2:08 down to 1:something.

  • October 3, Sacramento (marathon)

  • October 10, Wine Country (marathon)

  • October 31, Silicon Valley (half or full marathon)

  • November 7, San Francsico (half marathon)
    If I fail to beat 2 hours in October, I might still be chasing it on this date.

  • December 5, Sacramento (marathon)
    Realistically speaking, I really do hope to be in fit shape for a marathon by this time.
Photo thanks: Emerald Across the Bay, San Jose Rock 'n' Roll half marathon.


  1. I know how you feel girl! (except my house isn't getting cleaner since I'm not allowed to be up and walking around)

    But, I DO know about every race between Florida and Texas :)

  2. I did the San Fran 1/2 last year (1st half of it) and LOOOOOOVED it. I want to do it again this year...if my hip with allow. I am going to the specialist tomorrow--but I'm assuming that I will be good to go for Napa and I will see you and you're healthy knee in San Fran this summer! :) (thinking positive. thinking positive.)

  3. Those look like some great races :-)

  4. Thanks for the good wishes! Fingers crossed.

  5. Wish you could come over and share some of that spare energy and enthusiasm on my house! Seriously, if you only have 5 weeks to train, why not stick with a short race? And be realistic about what your post-injury, not yet fully trained up time might be? I think perhaps sticking with shorter races until all is going well might be wise, as it was apparently the longer training runs that knocked your knee. I hate short races, myself, but you do what you have to do...

  6. Just checking back in to see how youre doing....


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