Friday, September 11, 2009

(Slightly) sick, now what?

I woke up feeling horrible on Wednesday and for the first time since July, really had to drag myself out of bed to run. Happily I achieved 5 x 10 minute miles so that was a good thing.

"Horribleness" (cold is brewing, nothing serious I'm sure) has continued through the week and Beloved Husband decreed I shouldn't run this morning. I might do a bit tomorrow hopefully... it's hard to know whether to rest or grit my teeth and keep going.

We are then driving up to Tahoe for the weekend and I'm hopeful we'll find somewhere reasonable for a running outing. Usually the change in altitude bothers me for the first day or so, after that, some mountain air would be a nice change.

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  1. Hope that you feel better!

    Thanks for your comment on my fitness blog. (I'm mostly keeping it so I can stay accountable for completing 5 workouts per week.) No worries about the delay - actually, I realized that I hadn't set up my comments on that blog to go my inbox either, since I figured no one else would probably read it!

    The 5k I plan to complete is in early October. Because this is in the middle of the Couch to 5k regimen, if I have to stop and walk for part of it, that will be fine - but I think I should be able to get through it based on the longer runs I was doing earlier this summer.

    I actually run most of the time on surface streets or trails near our neighborhood since they do have lots of moderate hills. That's a good point to remember about the treadmill! I usually like to run one of the automated treadmill programs that varies your speed for you, and I think there is a hill climb program too. I may be running on the treadmill more if it starts to get rainy, so I appreciate the tip!


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